Twister Aloe Biphasic two-phase body cream with Aloe




Exclusive formulation with a particular full-bodied, light, and rapidly absorbed texture, which comes from the combination of emollient milk and a super-moisturizing gel. Gives intense hydration, restores elasticity, fights skin redness, protects against oxidative stress, provides essential vitamins and minerals for skin well-being, and helps to increase the skin’s resistance against external agents.

Ideal for the whole body and for all skin types, it gives immediate comfort, restoring freshness and brightness. The result is hydrated, soft, and silky skin.

How to use Twister Aloe Biphasic by Facepiù
Apply to well-cleansed skin and massage until the product is completely absorbed.

What does biphasic mean
The term biphasic refers to a two-part lotion. With a double texture, Facepiù’s biphasic cream will make the skin extremely soft to the touch thanks to the emollient milk and extremely hydrated thanks to the super moisturizing gel.

Format: 250ml

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Twister Aloe Biphasic two-phase body cream with Aloe - Soothing milk and super moisturizing gel for silky skin.

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