SeboKey Acn-End 10% Sulfur Suspension pimple removal treatment


Composition: Biopeptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine


Nobody wants pimples on their face, especially when you are having important events or meetings. 
But if it happens we have the solution for you. Face + SeboKey Acn-End sulfur paste is the brand new cosmetic product designed by Face + specifically 
for acne-prone and imperfect skin. A 10% suspension of sulfur in water suitable for skin with acne-prone problems so as to correct facial imperfections 
and restore the skin to a healthy aesthetic level.

Antibacterial, disinfectant and purifying, Acn-End from the Face + Sebokey line frees clogged pores by exfoliating the skin to soothe the affected area 
from redness and relieve inflammation. All this thanks to the properties and active ingredients such as 10% sulfur, salicylic acid, zinc oxide and camphor. 
It is applied locally on the pimple or imperfection to be treated and left to act overnight. 
This process will result in the possibility of eliminating the pimple from the face without leaving those annoying red spots or scars, 
often persistent when treating the area with non-specific products.

How to use Face + SeboKey Acn-End
The product contained in the protective vial should not be shaken but should be used when separated. 
n fact, the bottle contains a Sulfur solution that amalgamates naturally with the liquid inside it so as to make the sulfur an applicable paste. 
With a cotton swab, take a tip of the product and apply to the affected area. 
The process of purification and removal of the imperfection will act by promoting the removal of the pimple. 
At night the product works effectively as the skin rests and is less subject to stress.

Format: 20 ml

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SeboKey Acn-End 10% Sulfur Suspension pimple removal treatment - The most effective pimple removal treatment ever

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