Sebo key Soft Cream




With Sebo-Key Mosqueta’s Soft Cream by FacePiù, it is possible to moisturize skin with problems of seborrheic irregularity, and skin stressed by momentary or seasonal imbalances. Thanks to its very light texture it is possible to hydrate without making the skin of the face further oily. Its formulation based on Rosa Mosqueta, lactic acid, and Echinacea, in addition to making the skin elastic, allows for regulating excess sebum and repels the harmful effects of external agents. As a sort of protective barrier, Sebo-Key Mosqueta’s Soft Cream is useful for impure skin that seeks protection, hydration, and control over the sebum that causes impurities.

Advice on how to use the face cream
Being a face cream, it should be used after morning cleansing by applying a light layer of product with circular movements. In the evening, apply a thicker layer to hydrate more.

Format: 50ml

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Sebo key soft cream - The moisturizing face cream for acne-prone, oily and stressed skin.

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