Sebo-Key Green Face Scrub




This scrub is ideal for deep cleansing of the face, freeing the skin of impurities, dead cells, and any excess sebum. Through the highly moisturizing cream and the micro granules derived from fruit stones, the Sebo-Key Sc-Rub It Off face scrub promotes surface cell renewal. Thanks to its exfoliating power it allows better absorption of the nutrients present in subsequent treatments.

Tips on how to use the face scrub
Take a knob of scrub on the fingers of the hand and apply it to the face making circular movements, especially in the thickest and most hidden areas of the face. Then proceed with the normal rinsing of the face using water.

Format: 50 ml

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Sebo-Key Sc-Rub It Off scrub viso esfoliante - Exfoliating face scrub to eliminate impurities and dead cells.

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