Green face scrub to promote skin renewal


Composition: Almond oil, Vitamin E, Copernicia Cerifera


With a mix of natural ingredients and pure natural oils, our gentle exfoliating scrub deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out. Helps reduce facial texture and regulate excessive sebum production. Thanks to the refreshing formula on the skin, it provides the health benefits of skincare for a radiant complexion.

For a quick and natural skin change
The Green Face Scrub is the perfect solution to accelerate the natural turnover of the skin, helping it to find a new natural and healthy light. The formula is enriched with carefully selected ingredients of natural origin. Almond oil has a strong emollient action that combines with the antioxidant action of Vitamin E, while the natural BEADS of Copernicia Cerifera ensure an intense and delicate micro-peeling action for a finer and fresher skin texture.

A good face scrub is all you need to achieve flawless skin
We have all the right ingredients for perfect and perfect-looking skin. A gentle scrub will help with the peeling while moisturizing the skin with antioxidant ingredients.

How to use Facepiù’s green and natural face scrub
Apply a small amount of product to the hollow of the hand, distribute it lightly on the moist skin of the face, and massage gently for one or two minutes depending on the desired exfoliating action. Then wash it with plenty of water.

Format: 100ml

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Green face scrub to promote skin renewal - Facial exfoliator for brighter and smoother skin.

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