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For Professional Use Only

To be used by medical and aesthetic staff fully qualified in chemical peels

Once Italfarmacia decided to enrich its own product list also with exfoliation preparations (Peels), it contacted only well-established manufacturers of the sector and chose four formulations among the many available which fulfilled all the demands made by the dermatologists. But there was a need for something more that could distinguish Italfarmacia from all the other brands. Given that Italfarmacia is a market leader in the field of biostimulation with its Skin-line, and seeing that some aesthetic physicians and Dermatologists alternated the exfoliation with biostimulation treatments, it was taken into consideration to combine the two treatments in a unique therapy and for this purpose, the chemical compatibility of the Peeling formulations + Skin B was tested. Well, this compatibility turned out to be perfect and so the SKIN PEEL line was born. This allows the doctor to achieve the benefits of aimed facial peeling and real biostimulation, all together in a single treatment