Agnieszka Orlowska-Duggan

Agnieszka Orlowska - Duggan

Master SPMU & Owner of AO Aesthetic Clinic




My name is Agnieszka Orlowska-Duggan, I am an International Master Trainer of SPMU and Fibroblast treatments and the Head of Training and Development for Purebeau. I am also the Official Purebeau Distributor in Ireland.

I have been working and training at some of the best training centers and conventions in Europe and I am certified to work across all disciplines of Semi-Permanent Make-Up and Fibroblast treatments.

I also specialize in Dermal Fillers, Skin-needling, Mesotherapy, and Advanced Facial treatments. I am delighted to announce that we now offer skin treatments using IMAGE skincare, the most up-to-date revolutionary skincare product in the world.

For me, the most rewarding part of my career is that I can share over 10 years of experience and the passion I have for this profession with both: colleagues and clients.


“I specialize in advance treatments that leave the face looking natural while bringing out the individual’s own unique beauty – this, I believe, is what sets me apart”.


In 1998, Purebeau was founded by Katrin & Dirk Hundertmarks in Germany. Today-is a mature, developed, and highly competent company, which provides SPMU artists and Fibroblast technicians with the best quality products and state-of-the-art technology.  Our customers are provided with the most up to date highest-quality treatments in accordance with the Purebeau Standards of Excellence. Worldwide has a strong network of technicians, trainers, and masters, who highlight the concept and manage the high standards of excellence throughout all their work.


The PUREBEAU Standards of Excellence are the framework on which we build and maintain our reputation as a leader in the cosmetics industry.

Purebeau produces superior quality products that enable the safest and most effective performance of beauty treatments.

At Purebeau we train the best professionals in the beauty industry and supply them with unique Purebeau products.


Purebeau is a brand that represents quality, exclusivity, and excellence in service.

Elements of our business include equipment and product distribution, training and development, the Purebeau method of cosmetic applications, and customer service.

Satisfied customers and excellent service are the keys to our success.