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Contact information:

Purebeau Ireland


Dublin 7

67 Eccles street 


Limerick City

No 8 the Crescent

(Ground Floor)

Phone: +353868655525

Purebeau Fibroblast - Noninvasive eyelid lifting


  This amazing new treatment with its holistic approach, almost instantaneous and remarkable results and natural perfection of beauty has revolutionised the industry with a new direction in noninvasive procedures.

  In contrast to conventional surgery the area cannot be lifted too much as only excess natural skin is minimally and invasively reduced.
The 1:1 result is directly visible during treatment and remains long after healing with the skin area concerned being clearly and visibly tightened.

 Fibroblast uses advanced technologies, that allow for fast and comfortable treatment of patients.


  Delivered by our Master Trainers we provide the highest level of training available in a course that will cover the theory as well as hands on experience in practical sessions. We provide all equipment required including live models to ensure you are fully confident and capable before embarking on your new career, all at a highly competitive and easily achievable cost


  This unique and specifically tailored course provided by Agnieszka Orlowska - Kloda and Purebeau Ireland is an extensive 1 day course for the practical application of the amazing new treatment Fibroblast. Agnieszka has almost 10 years of experience and specializes in the most advanced methods of permanent makeup. Agnieszka is Official Ireland distributor for Purebeau products and The Owner of Purebeau Training Academy of Permanent Make up. 



Students are awarded with an internationally recognizes Purebeau Academy Certification upon completion of the course.


Purebeau Fibroblast pen: (just for owners of Purebeau devices – Permanent Make Up machines) fiting to Magic Liner / lady Liner/ Virgin / Elite

€2800 + VAT

Purebeau Fibroblast Device (inc. pen)

€3600 + VAT

Purebeau Fibroblast plasma needle in single steril pack

€8 + VAT


Price €895*

*Please note that this price is only applicable to those who purchase the Fibroblast machine in addition to the course

  What distinguishes us - we support and advise to drive further career. We provide the best training which will develop your skills and business.

WOur academy is synonymous with high standards , professionalism and 100% trained students.

If you have any other questions or want to register your place on course, please do not hesitate to contact us :
Phone: +353868655525


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